The New York J·A International Jewelry Exhibition of 2103 begins

Beautiful jewelries are precious and natural wealth of the world. Ladies are infatuated with the shining luxury and ambilight of jewelries. Even they wear them, they also don’t dare to touch. Because their beauty hides in the precipitation of heart and time and erupts in the outside beautiful light, any other decorations are unmatched with their day original beauty.

Recently, the 2013 New York J·A International Jewelry Show began. More than 100 jewelry brands participated in the exhibition. Every kind of jewelry accessories after the careful polish of designers and top craftsmen appeared gradually in anticipation of eyes.

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In particular, this exhibition showed a clear trend, that is the gradation of tone. The diamonds of same tone are arranged from deep to shallow or from bright to dark, or from one color transitioning to another harmonious color, like the magnificent transformation of the wings of butterflies. At the same time, the styles presented are very rich. There are rings of the shape of concrete animals, traditional single strand beads and earrings with big jewels. There are also earrings with innovative polygon and abstract flower shape, modern wide bracelet of metal embedded gem and the moon and stars bracelet and so on. The natural colors giving people youthful feelings are very popular with the fashion world. I also believe that they will show extraordinary talents on the red carpet of celebrities and stars.

Pull the world to China, ADK instigates, the tendency of the jewelry world in 2014 releases

 On October 15, 2013, ADK and Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting, the global authoritative jewelry trend releasing mechanism released the 2014 global jewelry trends in Shenzhen. This activity receives the support of the government, associations, media and more than 100 well-known jewelry businesses from all over the country. Nearly 300 people gathered together and shared the trend information and peak vision brought by ADK and Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting.

ADK, as the first domestic brand introducing authoritative and international company releasing jewelry trend, carries the lofty mission of making K-gold lifestyle by virtue of its outstanding performance in the field of K-gold. It sticks to the concept of “respect, art and life” and continues to stimulate the limitless enthusiasm of consumers for K-gold and creates the unique K-gold gold kingdom. ADK, as the advocate for K-gold art aims to share the surprise on creation with the women around the world and commits to make K-gold become the mainstream of the global jewelry fashion consumption.

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The releasing of global jewelry trends in China in 2014, is not only the inevitable demand of the flourishing development of Chinese jewelry industry, but also the specific embodying of the rising global influence of Chinese jewelry industry, even the sign of Chinese jewelry brand connecting with international standards. With the help of the release of future trend, Chinese jewelry brand begins to finish the further enhancement of brand with international vision, international means and international background. ADK is leading the fashion and instigating the trend with forward-looking vision and innovative spirit, with the help of the jointly issuing in 2014 with Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting.

 Most of the time, the vane of Chinese jewelry will choose “seeing Europe” and “seeing the world”. But, today, the release of global jewelry trends in China in 2014, and hiring the spokesman Federico Bosisio of authoritative mechanism as the global honorary lecturer of ADK, this means “the world has been in China”. ADK has started the more brilliant brand internationalization process through the way of “pulling world to China”, which is more effective and direct compared with the traditional “going out”. Therefore, we can say that “pulling the world to China” has more practical significance and value than the “going out”, which is still the extraordinary performance of internationalization of Chinese jewelry brand in domestic; it even pushes the ADK brand to greater international stage.

“The Summit Forum of Asian gold and jewelry” is held on 20th in the Fuji PARK

On December 20th, the Summit Forum of Asian gold and jewelry (Shenzhen) will be held at the marketing center of Fuji PARK. After the conference of the China’s jewelry industry held in the Fuji PARK on November 14th, the gold jewelry industry will gather together once again.

The sponsor, the Fuji Group introduced that the forum will invite authoritative celebrities and scholars of gold jewelry industry to discuss the development ideas of Shenzhen Shuibei gold in the next ten years. At the same time, the organizer also revealed that in this forum, Fuji PARK would sign strategic cooperation agreement on site with Jinye jewelry and Huayin capital group. They will also make the innovation of the cross-border cooperation model among real estate industry, gold jewelry industry and international financial industry which has become the biggest bright spot of this forum.

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 In addition, there are still many wonderful activities. Among them, the expert of real estate Yin Xiangwu will make wonderful dialogue with the guests of gold jewelry industry. The topics involve the cheats and trends of real estate investment and gold investment and other hot topics. There will be experiencing activities on the scene, such as the winter show of Jinye jewelry, the indoor golf practice with teaching, classical music performance, lucky draw and so on.

It is reported that the Summit Forum of Asian gold and jewelry (Shenzhen) is jointly hosted by Fuji group, Shenzhen gold jewelry industry association, the Shenzhen gold jewelry Research Institute, Hong Kong gold and silver industry trade and

As the first “ the business and park of the fifth generation” in New Luohu made by Fuji Group, the Fuji PARK is close to Weiling Park with an area of 870000 square meters, which makes the working green in 360 °. The location of this project is the northern area of Shuibei jewelry of Luohu District, which is the largest jewelry processing, trade, marketing, R & D center of China, even the Asian-Pacific region and European and American area. 

Liu Shishi wear tiffany to attend the 19th session of Shanghai TV festival

fanshion jewelry-tiffany-liushishiThe 19th Shanghai TV festival ceremony “magnolia awards the Himalayas center was held in Shanghai, popular film and TV stars dressed up to attend, particularly in showily diamond jewelry decoration, do state very bloom charm.

Liu Shishi temperament actress wore Difuni more wide row diamond bracelet, flower shape diamond earrings and circular diamond ring being a jewelry, such as concise and elegant green dress collocation, all show elegant and graceful charm. Once won the magnolia award for “best actress” on the number of Chinese national drama institute actor Chen also double as TV art association, vice President of positions, the night of her elegant contracted amazing, of a mop the floor white skirt and a white skirt with tie-in and the modeling of clever tiffany diamond brooch, art deco flower butterfly diamond ring, diamond bracelet and pear-shaped diamond pendant, which makes its style is special, most notably in the red carpet in the twinkling stars.

Flower modeling Liu Shishi wearing a tiffany diamond earrings, round diamond ring and more wide row diamond bracelet to attend the 19th annual Shanghai TV festival ceremony the magnolia award presentation ceremony.

Chen wearing tiffany butterfly diamond brooch, pear-shaped diamond earrings, flower modeling art deco diamond and diamond bracelet to attend the 19th annual Shanghai TV festival ceremony the magnolia award presentation ceremony.

Elizabeth Taylor’s resplendent jewelry in love

Elizabeth Taylor collection was recognized as so far, the most beautiful priceless private collection, including many wonderful excelling nature, bright bright jewels, and much more commemorative value private collection and present.

Elizabeth showed her 33.19 carat diamond ring

In May 19a68, Elizabeth displays her 33.19 carat diamond ring, she said she is willing to every day in the life wearing the ring, even if the movie is no exception.

diamond rings Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth’s Krupp

This not with the usual diamond ring “Krupp” had it takes its name from the owner of the Vera Krupp, arms dealer Krupp family family.

Taylor, 1972 couples in Budapest is 40 years old birthday Taylor wearing big diamond ring

Elizabeth said, when I looked at the diamond, it perfect sheen, like bringing people to eternal life, as if from heaven peaceful hum.

“Elizabeth Taylor diamond”

33.19 carat D/VS1 (into perfection) Type Type IIa diamond ring

Richard burton

Bought on May 16, 1968 from New York auction parker Bennett

Value: $2500000-3500000

The beauty of it is Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite white diamonds, set to become a ring, since then and she was like peas and carrots. She said: “this ring has an unspeakable charm, makes a red, white, blue, purple colors, such as the diamond of bright light, as there is life.” 


Legendary women wore gem to show top class van

Greek legend soprano Maria Callas unique charm and extraordinary songs that impressed the world. Usually with grace of her use of fashion jewellery and create a charming style. Maria callas  love jewelry, is also the transcendental taste jewelry collector.

“LaDivina” (callas’s nickname) favorite VanCleef&Arpels’ creation, brand Place Vend always don’t pass each visit? Me flourishing more square 22 shop. When her crush on Greek shipping magnate heng onassis after (AristotleOnassis), full engagement she lang through long distance for love. Onassis to the wind to send a gift for table love also many VanCleef&Arpels treasures. The have a pair of charming black eyes opera “goddess” every time wear long skirt matches line VanCleef&Arpels  rich luster, always glamorous.

VanCleef&Arpels  specially designed for her numerous works, including a string with circular diamond and pearl inlaid Cascade and Camellia Lion necklace, a pair of diamond earrings, a pear-shaped diamonds magnificent diamond necklace, a creation in 1967, five leaves inlaid with diamonds and Myanmar rubies brooches. This famous platinum brooch with elliptical pillow Myanmar ruby, round diamonds, olive shape diamond and rectangular cut diamonds. Rubies weigh 15.77 carat, while diamond weighing 16.35 carats.

Tiffany’s legendary design work

Tiffany of queen Anne’s lace hair accessories
Louis Comfort Tiffany naturalistic design style from his walk through the countryside enjoy the magnificent scenery.
A brooch from French royal jewelry collection
This magnificent special brooch is French jeweler Alfred? Alfred Bapst designed for napoleon iii (1808-1873), the wife of the his queen (Empress Eugenie) (1826-1920). Tiffany bought in 1887, including the brooch, many of the famous French royal jewelry, the move to Charles Lewis Tiffany truthfully continental-wide “king of diamonds” high reputation. A brooch on the circular edge of embedded with bright diamond gradient type, central by 18 k gold inlay an emerald, two pure pearl under suspension respectively in two diamond Mosaic, beautiful and clever.
Charles Lewis Tiffany embossment agate brooches
The exquisite craft extraordinary brooch vividly depicted tiffany founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, a portrait of the inspiration comes from a 1897 photos on his 85th birthday. Like embossed designs using natural shell independently sculpture, then with the background and detailed adhesive made of agate, and decorated with 18 k yellow gold oval with four precious sapphire frame, each star sapphire side are two rose cut diamonds.

When first ladies’ jewelry box is opened

Royal jewelry, pearl necklace, jewelry, brooch, the design of the most elegant lady, is the necessary money have identity. Come on, together and see what the first lady infatuated with jewelry, today is the world’s leading role who let her?

Royal jewelry

It is forever elegant, the first lady’s brooch plot

President Xi Jinping’s visit to Indonesia on October 2 to 8, and Malaysia, held in Bali, Indonesia and attend the APEC (APEC) leaders’ informal meeting 21 times. “First lady” Peng Liyuan accompanied, dignified atmosphere of dress all show elegant temperament, to show the world China’s “first lady” style, acclaimed. A gold brooch is Peng s very high decoration.

On October 4th, is currently on a state visit to Malaysia President Xi and Mrs. Peng  in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia overseas Chinese from all walks of life welcome luncheon. We can stand collar from delicate and elegant purple see that son refined beauty. The collocation of white pearl brooch set off the grace of a woman.

On October 5, President Xi   arrived in Bali, Indonesia, to attend the upcoming APEC leaders’ informal meeting 21 times. Peng main fresh white fastens, deserve to go up a black brooch plot, classic black and white match, contracted and delicate. The first lady having corsage, replaces the jewelry, the quiet atmosphere.

Top love jewelry appreciation


1. Cartier


The duke of Windsor for the beloved woman give up the whole career story may be able to define love understanding, and Cartier cheetah image of the senior jewelry enchanting elegant, full of wild charm, it is for the legendary love story of the best witness.

2. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef &Arpels

Brahman g yabao story comes from a good marriage, precious stones the merchant’s daughter’s ace’s yabao and inheritance stone carving family business al Fred brahman grams of union, lets Van Cleef & Arpels this brand, in the magnificent jewelry world blossom a more beautiful tone.     



BVLGARI originated in the early part of the 20th century, the brand has a long and eternal history and culture to this day are still blossom infinite brilliance.   

As time goes by, for the interpretation of eternal youth, will be women to admire beauty and youth fearless pursuit.

How to wear the brooches?

When you wear the brooches, you must bring into full play of your imagination and creation, thus you will gain the surprise.

How to wear the brooches

1. The brooches can be put on the bosom. Besides, they can be buttoned on one side of turtle neck. This can makes you look elegant and romantic.

2. If you want to lock the brooches upon the bosom, you can try to buckle three or four brooches together irregularly to create the feeling of activity.

3. Pinning the brooches on the scarf is a good creation. You can button the brooch in the junction of both ends, thus you can stabilize your scarf and decorate the scarf.

4. If you put a small brooch on the pocket on your clothes such as pants, you will look more refreshing.

5. If you lock a brooch on the hat, you can create the bright effects. You will look like elegant, noble and unique.